Our Story


[goround], literally: ‘to go around/curculate’, or ‘a serie of repeated actions’

That is exactly what we are doing:
New collections all year round, without loosing the Goround style.

Goround designs and develops home products. Our style is fresh, laidback, beachy and comfortable.

What began as home decorating store The go'round 20 years ago has evolved to an international interior label known as Goround interior. You can still identify goround’s textile roots in the current collection, but  the range has expanded with lamps, furniture, carpets, baskets, vases and bags.

goround beach
Tafel goround

The different colours and styles ensure that our collection will always appeal to you.

We develop our product range with care and continuously add new products, so it's always possible to put togethrt a new look with the same Goround laidback feeling.
Our products come from far and are mainly handmade by skilled and creative artisans. 
 If you would like to know more about this, feel free to contact us.